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MIAMI You probably saw the bright idea Charles Michael Conforto Jersey Orndorff had during the Home Run Derby. You really couldn’t mi s it.See, Orndorff owns an electrical staffing company it supplies electricians for construction projects acro s the Southeastern U.S. and he wanted to figure out a way to promote his busine s (Premier Electrical Staffing) during one of the most-watched baseball events of the season.MORE: Home Run Derby updates So he brought a ton of highlighter-yellow-caliber shirts and handed them out to the fans sitting in his section at Marlins Park. And because this was an advertising expense for the company, he gave everyone $20 to wear a shirt, and promised $60 for each homer they caught during the Derby. As you could see, plenty of fans took him up on the offer.Yeah. Brilliant.”Baseball is fun, and if they hit a couple homers in our section, they’re going to be all over TV,” Orndorff told me. “And the announcers are probably going to say, ‘Who are all those guys in the bright shirts?’”Orndorff handed out yellow shirts, but he wore an orange one. (Ryan Fagan/SN)FOSTER: Home Run Derby doesn’t do it for me It’s a great plan, especially considering Orndorff is in the section most likely to be targeted by the right-handed sluggers in the event.One guy who took the shirt said, “Well, that pays Zack Wheeler Jersey for my parking.”This is the type of idea that helps explain how Orndorff’s busine s has grown from a two-person operation in North Carolina six years ago to a busine s that has 19 offices, including one in nearby Fort Lauderdale.And that’s the rest of the story.